HFR1 Horizontal French Rack Machine

  • Perfectly Frenched Racks to the eye muscle, any meat from untrimmed….. to Frenched in 6 seconds - fresh or frozen ( longer for frozen )
  • Standard Model will French up to 70mm
  • Uses one operator and will French up to 6 racks
  • Easily replaces 3 to 4 labour units in hand Frenching
  • Higher standard of finish with: Precise accuracy. And consistent quality, fresh or frozen Cleaning is a breeze - fully rinsed with cold water, Foamed then sterilized with 82 degree Celsius hot water.
  • Pumps located away from machine to reduce noise and heat.


  • Machine Height - 1300 high x 900 wide
  • Pump Size - 56ltr @ 2100 psi
  • Water Supply - at pump to be no more than 2.75 bar and a supply of 70 litres a Minute
  • Water Supply Filter - all pvc body plus 200 mesh pre filter OIL Mobil DTE extra heavy
  • Electrical - 18.5 kw rated power supply

Our glass bead finish meets the US Department of Agriculture standards for hygiene and cleanliness.

Wassco Engineering has proudly served the meat and food industry and a variety of other
clients for over thirty years. We look forward to working with you too.

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