Terms and Conditions


All machines manufactured by WASSCO Engineering Ltd. are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the following 12 month Warranty.

The warranty period shall run from the date of shipping.

WASSCO Engineering Ltd. Will remedy defects and deficiencies which are due to defective materials or errors in manufacture. Only the warranty provided by the manufacturer of finished parts incorporated into the machine or installation shall apply to those parts. This warranty is valid only if genuine WASSCO Engineering Ltd. parts are used without modification and servicing has been performed in accordance with the requirements of this manual.

All claims must be made in writing and include a description of the failure, part number and machine serial number. Upon approval of the claim the defective part must be returned to WASSCO Engineering Ltd. For examination and repair/replacement. The cost of return is to the customer's account and risk and must not be without the prior agreement of WASSCO Engineering Ltd. The expense of fault finding, any dismounting, freight and reinstallation lies with the customer.

Where it is necessary to carry out warranty repairs in the customer's premises the customer shall pay the travelling expenses and subsistence allowance for the serviceman. Warranty liability shall solely cover defects and deficiencies which occur in connection with the installation being used in accordance with the applicable operating conditions and being used correctly and for normal use.

The warranty shall not cover the effects of overload, lack of maintenance, incorrect cleaning, incorrect repairs or damage resulting from ordinary wear and aging.

WASSCO Engineering Ltd. shall not be in any case be under an obligation to pay any compensation for operating loss, loss of profit or any other indirect loss which may be incurred by the customer or a third party with whom the customer has entered into a


Any parts which fail in this warranty period will be replaced free of charge. This offer excludes consumables and parts subject to replacement through normal wear and tear. Labour and/or production losses are not covered.


Product Liability

The seller shall solely be liable for personal injury if it is proved that the injury is due to error or negligence on the part of the seller or other parties for which he is responsible.

The seller shall not be liable for damage to real property or personal property while the equipment is in the possession of the buyer.

Nor shall the seller be liable for damage to products made by the buyer or to products in which such products are used. The seller shall, moreover, shall be liable for damage to real property or personal property on the same conditions which apply to personal injury.

The seller shall not be liable for operating loss, loss of earning or any other indirect loss. To the extent to which the seller may incur product liability vis-à–vis a third party, the buyer shall under an obligation to indemnify the seller to the extent to which the seller is

liable in accordance with the above three paragraphs.

These limitations to the seller's liability shall not apply if he is guilty of gross negligence. If a third party brings a claim for damages against one of the parties in pursuance hereof, the party in question shall immediately notify the other party of this.

The seller and the buyer shall be under a reciprocal obligation to become a party to actions brought at a court of law or arbitration which hears claims for damages which are brought against one of them because of damage or injury allegedly caused by the installation.