Optional Extras

Every K9 Caravan is built to the specific requirements of the customer. This means there are no limits to what you can have as optional extras. And whatever you want to add, no matter how outlandish, we'll figure out a way to put it in.

Here are some of the commonly requested optional extras:
  • Extra batteries
  • Radio
  • Adjustable rotary air vents
  • Air-conditioning
  • Powered extractor vents
  • Brakes
  • Solar extractor vents
  • Door covers
  • Small and large tac boxes
  • Evaporative cooler unit
  • Custom paint jobs to match the towing vehicle

For a description of each photo, click on the photo.

Air Scoop Closed
Air Scoop
Alucabond Cladding
LED Tail Lights
Combinations of Vents
Crate Holder
Custom Storage
Door Cover
Door Cover
Door Cover
Evaporative Cooler Controls
Evaporative Cooler Retro Fit
Evaporative Cooler Retro Fit (Medium)
Electric Pod Extractor Fan
Electric Pod Extractor Fan
Electric Pods
Electric Pods
Electric Pods (Medium)
Evaporative Cooler
Evaporative Cooler on a New Trailer
Internal Doors
Internal Doors
Internal Doors
Solar Extractors